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Call to Actions Lead to Conversions

In Marketing, Other, Web Design by SUZANNE REID

First of all, let’s define some terms. You may be asking yourself “what is a ‘call to action.’” This is a term web developers use when talking about ways to get users to take an action. Calls to Actions or “CTAs” Can be a variety of different things depending on what you are hoping to get the user to do. …

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The Number 1 Way to Increase Conversion Rate

In Other by Esther Anderson

Many customers ask how they might increase conversion rate on their website. And while many options exist, we often recommend that we develop a simple website pop up to increase conversion rate. Website Pop Ups Increase Conversion Rate First things first: you need a pop-up on your website. Depending on the type of website you have: WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or …

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Choosing Blog Topics

In Blogging, Other by SUZANNE REID

How do I choose blog topics to write about? Congratulations! You’ve started a blog. Hopefully you were inspired to jump on the horse after reading our last blog post here. Whatever the case, we are glad you are here. Now that you’ve started your blog here are some helpful tips on how to pick blog topics to write about and …

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Google My Business 101

In Graphic Design, Marketing, Other, SEO by Esther Anderson

What is Google My Business? Google My Business is one of the most important tools to improve your Search Engine Results and bring new business through your door. It is a listing service and main dashboard for coordinating all of your business’ Google properties: Google AdWords, Google+, Google Analytics, and Google Reviews. It is how you register your business in Google Places, …