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Dynamic Websites Need a Dynamic Website Maintenance Team

website management

Websites have never been static. Nobody is successful with one by building it and then walking away. Someone must maintain a site to ensure security, or there will be some risk of a hack where the owner loses control of their site. Websites are too crucial for companies and people who use them as part of their business cycle for issues with website security. 

Even with a lack of technical capacity to maintain a website, there are grounds for using website maintenance services. Some of the vital website maintenance plans that are necessary include web enhancements, security patches, creating backups, and content updates.

Websites are dynamic creations. If a business cannot maintain its site, the competition will leap ahead of them. A static website can lose SERP ranking with ease, and nobody wants to face the costs of their site falling to the second page of search results. Also, a business website is a company’s only 24/7 storefront. So, the website maintenance cost is absolutely a necessary expense and should be a priority for any firm. 

For a firm that fails to keep a website up and running, countless customers will have trouble ordering and receiving their products. Maintaining a business website is not a choice. Instead, it is a technical and marketing necessity. 

Suppose someone does not know where to turn to find help with all the various website maintenance tasks. Also, suppose they do not know how to perform all these essential business tasks themselves. In that case, they need to look no further than the website maintenance professionals at Distillery Creative Marketing Group. 

At Distillery Creative Marketing Group, we have been managing and maintaining websites for big and small organizations for several years now. We streamline our process, and it is effective for keeping sites fresh with the latest and greatest content and operating smoothing with all things technical.

What is Website Maintenance and Its Importance?

Website maintenance is looking to see if a website is both healthy and performing well. The process includes several facets, including keeping up with security updates and encouraging traffic growth. Also, it includes ensuring satisfied site visitors and updating the site with fresh content. Without security updates, a site may become vulnerable to the latest web threats, and without growth, a company will have problems growing sales. 

Also, satisfied visitors are a marker of site functionality, that the website does its job well. Finally, without supplying fresh content regularly, firms will see their site’s traffic decline rapidly.

Monthly site maintenance is critical to a healthy website because WordPress features new updates regularly. Updates for WordPress come when the developers have reacted to new security threats and when those programmers have enhanced WordPress websites. Without regularly checking to see if there is an update, a WordPress website will see issues with security and website performance. 

Much like updates for Windows or a piece of software, WordPress sites will slow down without their needed tuneup, and security breaches happen much more quickly when people ignore these updates.

What Needs to be Updated for a WordPress Website?

Many things need to happen during an update of a WordPress website:

  1. There are security updates within each WordPress update.
  2. With each update comes neat features, such as when WordPress introduced the block editor.
  3. Each WordPress update enhances the speed at which websites load, and each update also offers many bug fixes.

Still, it is vital to know that some plugins can break because of a new WordPress update. So, it is essential to check that your website works correctly after each update. While this may be difficult, it is not impossible with the help of Distillery Creative.

Distillery Creative’s Solution to Website Maintenance

Distillery Creative supplies premium solutions for website maintenance, such as managed hosting, small business content management, and enterprise-level, ongoing marketing. We offer managed hosting for only $45 a month, and the plan includes WordPress hosting with all the features someone could need. Also, we offer content management for only $89 a month, including everything in the previous plan plus two content updates as requested and more. 

The ongoing marketing plan offers everything in the first plan plus five content updates, SEO optimization for a keyword or phrase, and more. Finally, it would be best if you would see our website for further, up-to-date information about our services.

We at Distillery Creative offer a monthly website care report as one of our services. These reports include data on software updates, SEO, security, and performance. Our web maintenance services include updating the website’s WordPress core, plugins, themes, daily backups, and site monitoring as part of our hosting. 

The report reveals this data and has the added benefit of a brief view of your Google Analytics, your site’s security, and page speed. Offering these services is our pleasure. We sleep well at night knowing your website is up-to-date and protected against malware and hacking.

In Closing: CTA

Here at Distillery Creative Marketing Group, it is our goal to become an extension of your team. We supply exclusive partnership packages that we tailor to fit specific needs, and this allows you to access all of our services regardless of your organization’s size. So, this will enable you to achieve peace of mind because you know your website is under the care of professionals. That means less worry for you, our customer, and more cohesion between your website and business.

We at Distillery Creative Marketing Group wish to ensure all of our customers have the website maintenance services they need. Also, we want to offer our service with a smile and a guarantee that the job gets done correctly. So, to achieve this aim, we provide free consultations for anyone that would like one. Please, contact us to schedule a free consultation because no website will maintain itself and because a static website is a dead website. So, please do not delay and contact us today.