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Floral Website Design

In Graphic Design by Esther Anderson

How Beautiful Floral hired Distillery Creative for our beautiful floral website design. Head Designer, Emily Patchin asked for a simple design, easy to navigate, and reflecting her vintage floral designs.

Distillery Creative went to work immediately with the firm in establishing a strong website wireframe. When DC begins a design project with a client, we emphasize the importance of communicating a clear message to our client’s end user. What exactly does our client sell, and how do we communicate that to their clients? Developing a website wireframe  helps us answer these important marketing questions. We structure the information first in an outline form and then place it in a graphic form. To see more about website wireframes and how they work look at our other post, “What is a Website Wireframe?”

Once we have established the focus and direction of the marketing, we create a logo which becomes our client’s  brand. The logo we developed for How Beautiful Floral uses classic and vintage style fonts and soft colors, much like How Beautiful Floral’s actual floral arrangements. We integrated a vintage flower from an old floral print to instill the vintage floral brand further in the mind of the viewer.

Once the logo was designed, we began creating the floral website. Now that we had a brand and we knew the organization of their website, we could now design a beautiful, vintage, floral website. Using Emily’s beautiful photography, we gathered together the best images of their work and discussed the best way to easily show a user on the website. The result is a gorgeous floral website that focuses on Emily’s vintage floral designs, is easily navigated, and expresses the vintage work of How Beautiful Floral.

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