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CEOofyou3.FBTwitter ranked “100 Top Motivational Speakers,” Bethany Williams, is coming out with her 5th book on personal business management. Go to Bethany Williams Facebook Page to vote for one of the two covers she is considering. Click HERE to vote.

More about Bethany

Before Bethany Williams became a personal brand expert, published author and healthcare IT executive, she was busy helping women find their career footing as they yearned to climb the corporate ladder.

A thoughtful mentor, powerhouse speaker, work/life balance career coach, successful author and high-level business executive, Bethany has taught thousands of people how to propel their careers to higher altitudes. She knows [and does!] what works in corporate and personal settings.

She does all of this while managing a successful career as an executive, a wife and mother of three.

Thousands read her inspirational blog, Winning Strategies, for motivation and encouragement. She has authored five books to inspire readers toward success and a better life. Her book, Brand YOU, hit No. 1 in Advertising on Amazon during its first week of release and now sells internationally.

Her work life balance book, Live Your Dreams, inspires readers to get off the couch and jump into the life they dream of; offering inspirational stories and ideas to help readers take the first leap.

She is the passion and force behind an innovative, social way to share documents in healthcare delivered to the market for a disruptively low cost. The ZirMedClinical Link Health Data Exchange launched to market in early 2013 ( is a results-oriented leader known as a ‘brand builder’ and a catalyst for change; igniting new direction and positive change in both people and companies.

Bethany serves on the Board of Directors for the North Texas American Colleges of Healthcare Executives and is a member of the Women Leading Business national leadership organization. In 2010, the Dallas Business Journal named her one of the ‘Top 25 Women to Watch’ and she is one of the ‘Top 100 Branding Experts to Follow’ on Twitter.

“Bethany is the ‘real deal,’ a complete CEO of her family dealings, business interests and her own future,” says Pamela Stoyanoff, MBA, CPA, COO, Methodist Health System. She is a creative problem-solver and innovator, and manages complex and overlapping priorities with ease.”