A World of Knowledge in One File

In Graphic Design by Esther Anderson

SRDinfographicIn today’s ever changing wonderful of the web. People need an edge when looking for new work. One of the hottest trends today are infographic résumés. These often include graphs and charts that express in a quick visual what a person does for a living. Click HERE to see an infographic I created for Bethany Williams, an awesome motivational speaker. As a graphic designer, I took a different approach with my recent résumé. I used graphics in a more illustrative fashion, depicting tools of my trade–color, light, typography, shapes, and line.

The infographics I produce have an additional edge: I make them interactive. This means that you can click with your mouse on various portions of the file, and it takes you to different documents or places on the web. So, if you are sending a résumé to a prospective employer and only want to send one page, simply send one pdf file to their inbox; yet it can contain web full of information, sending the more curious employer to your website, your LinkedIn page, Facebook page, or wherever you want, simply with the click of their mouse. If you are interested in me creating an interactive résumé for you, contact me HERE.