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5 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

If you’re not caught up, we are in a series right now all about blogging. In this post, we are going over some of the most crippling and common mistakes bloggers make. To catch up in this series read the two previous posts on blogging. The first covers the topic of “How to Start a Blog,” the second gives you tips on “How to Pick Blog Topics.” This post is all about helping you avoid some of the common pitfalls bloggers fall into without realizing it.

Not Optimizing For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Start by making sure you have a plugin downloaded so that you can see the areas you need to improve in your blog post. We personally recommend the RankMath plugin. This tells you actively step by step how to improve your blog post to boost its SEO value. This plugin will give you the green light when your post is optimized to its max potential. Make sure you pick a keyword to integrate throughout your blog post that will boost that topic’s ranking in search results.

Using Jargon

One of the mistakes bloggers make is to use “jargon.” Does your industry have specific buzzwords or even a way of talking about things? It might be hard to recognize if you’ve been in a specific industry for a long time.

Never use acronyms unless you explain them in your blog post. The best way to approach any blog post is to try and remember that your audience and potential customer may have no idea what you’re talking about in your post. Pretend you’re speaking to an average person you met on the street and explain things like they have no idea what you do. This is not to say you should “dumb things down.” No, simply explain things in a way that anyone could understand even if they’re not in your industry.

Not Capturing Leads

One of the best functions of blogging is it can turn readers into potential customers. By getting readers to subscribe to your newsletter they can be updated every time you post a new blog. Every time they see your newsletter come into their email inbox they are reminded of you and your services. Capturing emails is a great way to build a client base and regularly get into people’s inbox reminding them of your services. Do you know that saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”? Stay at the forefront of people’s minds by staying in their inbox delivering high-quality content that could eventually turn into paying customers.

Thinking That Blogging Doesn’t Really Matter

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is thinking blogging is dying or out of date. You might think that blogging is out of style and nobody actually reads blog posts anymore. The statistics say that just is not true. Additionally, even if someone doesn’t read your blog post, it can still bring people to your site via SEO if they searched something you wrote about on your blog. If you’re still not convinced that blogging matters, read this post on all the ways a blog affects your website.  

Not Writing Consistently

Which brings us to our last point that consistency is key. Consistently blogging will boost your website ranking and increase the chances that someone will find you via one of your posts. Every time you add a post to your website, search engines crawling your website make sure to serve up the most updated info about your website on their search servers.

The more frequently a server crawls your site the more they view you as an expert and valuable website. The more often you post the more search engines will serve your content to users because they want to serve the most relevant options to their users. Think about it, when you google something you’re seeing the most recent and relevant content on whatever you’re searching. You’re unlikely to get something that is decades old, it will almost always be new and updated information, and that’s the same mentality you should be bringing to your customers.