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Brand Consistency on Social Media

Brand consistency is more than making your logo your profile picture on your Facebook business page. You want social media pages that attract and resonate with your audience and with potential customers. For example, Nike is so consistent in their branding across all platforms that with one simple swoosh, images of shoes and sportswear come flooding to mind.

Brand consistency is making sure that the same colors, fonts, photo tones, and writing tone is consistent. Social media is about building brand trust. A sloppy hodgepodge social media page isn’t going to reflect your brand or attract the customers you want, if any.

Using the same colors means that, if you have a graphic designer in-house or hired, they should be using the exact same color hex codes and fonts for your social media graphics as the colors in your logo and associated with your brand.

All photos you post to your social feeds should feel cohesive. Pick an editing software and technique and replicate it for all your photos. Choose the way you want your feed to look and feel. What colors do you want to stand out in your feed? You may have a great photo, but the colors are not constant in your social feeds. Not all great photos are post-worthy if they don’t add to your brand trust and consistency.

Once you have chosen your feed style, colors, fonts, and photo-editing technique, make sure that they are consistent across all of your social platforms. So consistent in fact that when people go into your website, get your business card, and see your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ page, they feel like they all fit together under one seamless brand.

Don’t know where to get started on your social strategy? Don’t know how to begin branding your social pages or making sure you have the right elements for brand consistency? We can help! We can set you up with social media branding, a strategic calendar for you to follow for posting, and all the elements you need to make sure your company is consistent and attractive on all fronts.

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