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Is Your Website Secure?

Learn About HTTPS and What Makes Your Website Secure

What is HTTPS?  

HTTPS secures your website for both you and your users. It protects your customers’ sensitive data, like credit card information, and protects you from outside tampering and unwanted advertising. It does this by creating an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitor’s browser, meaning that the data shared between computers is unreadable to potential hackers or scammers who might pose as you to obtain your customers’ data.

Why Every Website Should Have an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is the protocol that encrypts HTTPS pages. It provides an ID for your website that any site visitor can view in their search bar as verification of a safe, encrypted connection. A secure connection communicates to your customers that your business is authentic, trustworthy, and has their best interest in mind. It’s also the only way that site visitors can make secure transactions on your website using their credit card information. Only secure websites compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards can accept credit card information. A non-HTTPS website will display warnings from Google in a visitor’s search bar, but a site with an SSL certificate displays a green bar and/or padlock (depending on the browser) that signals a secure, encrypted connection. This lets visitors know that their data is safe on your website and they can send information without concern.

What HTTPS Does for You

HTTPS is an essential step forward for anyone looking to grow their business through search engine optimization (SEO). Google currently considers HTTPS a slight ranking factor in its search engine results, and this could increase in the future. HTTPS allows you to sell products through your website rather than redirecting your customers to another website to make a purchase. Treat your clientele to a unified, clutter-free brand experience by keeping business all in one place.

Web Hosting Services at Distillery Creative

At Distillery Creative, security is our priority. We build WordPress websites installed with the applications necessary to keep your site safe from hacking. Your website is in good hands at Distillery Creative: we host your website on secure servers that we back up daily, we visually monitor all of our websites with vigilant alert systems, and should any issues arise, we respond immediately.

You don’t want to lose your target customer because of concern over data security. Make sure your elegant branding is complete with certification your clients can trust. The designers at Distillery Creative are here to help you get your website set up with an SSL certificate. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how Distillery Creative can help you establish a high-quality brand reputation on all fronts.