Top 10 Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest Marketing Works –

You know Distillery Creative as a group of web designers, but you may not know that we also offer web hosting. We happily offer website hosting to maintain the quality and security of the websites that we develop. With WordPress being an open-source platform, it is important that we offer our clients the most secure hosting, with the highest speed and consistent updates to ensure the highest level of customer care.

Another advantage of us hosting your website is that we can offer you data regarding the visitors to your website. When we host a website, we can offer analytics to our clients to help them discover what is driving the most traffic to their site.

Do you want to know the secret to some of our most traffic generating clients? Pinterest Marketing. We have discovered that Pinterest is becoming a larger driver of traffic to many of our larger client websites. For that reason, we are offering you here some clutch Pinterest techniques, if you’re interested in boosting your traffic using Pinterest.

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  1. Create Boards With Your Keywords
    If you’ve hired Distillery Creative to build your website, then your website was built with keywords–specific language to help boost your Google search engine results. Start by taking those keywords and other keywords surrounding your products and services and create Pinterest boards using those keywords in the title. For example, if you’re an OBGYN you create a board titled “Natural Birth” or “Menopause” to attract women searching with those keywords.
  2. Put Keywords in Descriptions
    Place keywords in the board description as well as the descriptions of your pins. You can also “#” your keywords within the pin description to boost the content of the pin.
  3. Create Vertical Images
    Most people are using Pinterest on their phones. The Pinterest algorithm prefers and prioritizes images that have a 2/3 vertical aspect ratio. It’s more likely to show your pin to someone if it fits in that ratio.
  4. Create “Rich Pins” that Link Back to Your Website
    Rich pins are pins that have a link in them. Pinterest prefers content that directs and links the user to get either more information or to purchase something. Embed links on your pins that guide users to your products, your blog posts, and/or keyword-rich pages explaining your services. You don’t want to link to your home page over and over; Pinterest will start to flag your content as spam.
  5. Convert Your Account to a “Pinterest for Business” Account
    This will give you rare access to insights on your pins. You can see which pins are performing well, which keywords are working, and how much traffic they are driving. You will also be able to run targeted ads using a business account and have access to beta products. Having a business account completely changes the strategy.
  6. Embed “Pinnable” Images in Each Post
    Inside of each blog post, be sure to include images that are vertical and visually appealing. If people find your content helpful and attractive they are likely to pin an image from your blog.
  7. Get the Chrome Extension
    Get the Pinterest Chrome Extension so that you can be adding relevant content to your boards anytime you see it online. Whether you are online shopping, enjoying someone else blog, or social media, every time you hover over an image it will give you the option to pin it, thus expanding your brand authority.
  8. Build Brand Authority
    Your boards should be about a constellation of topics related to your industry. For example, if you are in the HVAC business having a board on home building or home projects will help you pin relevant HVAC content to a larger category like “home improvement.” If you’re able to touch on topics within and around your area of expertise, you will be seen as a brand authority in your field.
  9. Use a Scheduler
    To simplify and streamline your pinning schedule we recommend Tailwind. They allow and help you create bulk content so you can create content months in advice and have it auto-populate on Pinterest.
  10. Upload Natively Too
    Pinterest will also reward the content that you upload natively or repin from within their platform. If you are using a scheduler, make sure you’re also opening Pinterest and doing some organic pining from the posts you see in your feed. Try uploading a “Story Pin” which functions like a carousel of images.
  11. Bonus tip! 
    Video content is the name of the game on most social media platforms and Pinterest doesn’t want to be left out. If you have short videos (15 seconds or less) with no audio Pinterest has been loving video content and prioritizing it in their feeds. This is because a moving video will catch someone’s attention better than a stagnant image.

Start generating tens of thousands of visitors to your website each month using Pinterest. If you’re looking for more in-depth information, check out this awesome Pinterest marketing course from one of our clients, Christine Olmstead. Christine just released a helpful Pinterest marketing course for people just getting starting with using Pinterest marketing. Her course will give you a leg up on Pinterest marketing hacks!

It’s time to stop thinking of Pinterest just as a place to find a quick recipe for dinner. Hundreds of millions of users use this platform as a “visual google” where they can tangibly see and get answers for questions they’ve been searching. Ask us today how we can help you grow on Pinterest!