Case Study

Empower Change Me

Project Overview
Sarah Rodgers is the CEO of Empower Change ME and a Senior Manager at West Monroe Partners. She has long been a public speaker and career coach to women empowering them to overcome their insecurities, fears, and struggles. She asked Distillery Creative to build a website that would be a gathering place for women to come and tell their stories and read other women's stories–all with the goal of empowering women.
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  2. Logo Design & Development
  3. Branding Package
  4. Custom Website Design and Development
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  6. Website Hosting & Maintenance
The Solution

Having worked with Distillery Creative on two former websites, Sarah entrusted the project to DC. She told us what she wanted to accomplish, what the site should say, and who it should speak to. She said go and do your thing, which we did.

We followed through by developing the site content, messaging and structure, its design and branding, and we developed a website with a story about storytelling.

The site functions as a blog. The Landing page introduces the user to the storytelling community with an image of women sitting gathered in a circle on the grass in New York City, where Sarah has worked and lived much of her life. The headline says it all, "STORIES AND ADVICE ON CAREER, WELLNESS, AND LIFE." As you scroll down you begin reading these stories, and you meet Sarah if you don't know her already. Further down you listen to an interview of Sarah on the The Fearless Warrior Podcast, and learn about ways you can join the community and share your stories to empower other women. It is an awesome project, and we are proud to be a part of it.




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