Project Overview
FRS Credit is a credit repair company of certified credit professionals that work to improve their customers’ lives by helping them improve their credit score. Their business model centers on the concept that unforeseen situations occur in all of our lives, and FRS exists to help their customers get a second chance by helping them improve their credit. They asked us to reposition the company as a reliable, caring, and honest company that helps customers realize their dreams.
  1. Branding Development
  2. Content Development
  3. Web Design & Development
  4. Custom Photo Editing and Color Customizations
  5. On-site Search Engine Optimization
  6. Website Hosting & Maintenance
The Solution

Our first task was to rebrand the company, not by changing the logo but by changing the messaging. We set out to reposition the company as an honest credit company of good people who want to help others achieve a second chance with their credit. We started by restructuring the website messaging to tell stories of happy families and individuals achieving life dreams due to their improved credit scores.

We developed text and stories of people getting new cars, homes, and starting families–all for the first time. The landing page image is a perfect modern family, in which the dad is opening the front door to the family's new home and the children are dashing ahead to explore their new space. Other images show a young couple being handed the keys to their brand new car, and a young woman having success with her credit card. The site features extensive customer reviews, pricing tables, and up-to-date blog articles. As with all of our sites, the pages are optimized with keywords for optimal search engine optimization.




Search Engine Optimization


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