Case Study

Inna's House Care

Project Overview
Inna is a Ukrainian immigrant that asked us to brand her new business in America. The outstanding feature of Inna, besides her well-carved figure, is her white hair with occasional streaks of purple or blue. Inna lives in an affluent area, and she needed a brand that would set her apart from all of the other house cleaners leaving their cards to clean million-dollar estates.
  1. Content Strategy
  2. Logo Design
  3. Branding Package
  4. Custom Website Design and Development
  5. Graphic Design & Print
The Solution

We decided to have fun with this project. How often can we be really playful and it works for our customer's brand? This was the perfect opportunity. We knew that her wealthy clientele would love the playful imagery and our solution was a no-brainer. Using imagery from the 1960s TV show, Bewitched, we drew a caricature of Inna for the logo, emphasizing her outstanding white hair and accentuating her figure. We used retro fonts and added little glistening sparkles to the logo to imply that Inna really cleans your house. Our modern color palette pulled from old retro color palettes and made the logo very bright to show up on her truck, print and advertising materials, and the website.

The website continued the retro theme. We presented her services with old black and white images of house cleaning, pet sitting, babysitting, etc. We blended those images with the modern images of Inna on every page and brought the retro brand colors in with color accents throughout the website.




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