Case Study


Project Overview
The publishers of NETA World Journal, the official publication of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA), approached DC with a request, "Could Distillery Creative help the publishers take their successful quarterly print publication and turn it into a multi-site website?" Having a long history in print publication, we relished this opportunity.

NETA World Journal is the leading technical journal for the electrical testing industry. Each quarter, NETA World Journal delivers coverage of the latest industry trends, technology breakthroughs, new products and solutions, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting tips for power distribution systems. Realizing that their audience was getting more tech-savvy each year and accustomed to reading content on mobile devices, NETA wanted to get started moving the quarterly publication and advertisers over to the web.
  1. Content Development
  2. Branding Development
  3. Custom Website Design and Development
  4. Website Hosting & Maintenance
  5. Iconography
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Development of Customizable Sections and Templates for Frequent Updates
The Solution

The project needed to solve two main issues: 1) the website design needed to be simple and easy to navigate, yet content-rich to attract both older and younger electrician audiences; and 2) the website needed to be a familiar place for advertisers to begin purchasing ad space.

Our solution was to design a website that felt like the NETA family of websites and the print version of NETA World Journal. We designed a beautiful, clean, easy-to-navigate site using the color palettes of the NETA brand but integrating more modern web design techniques. We kept the pricing very competitive for NETA in the way that we developed the site for quarterly updates and changes. We also developed a cost-effective ad placement strategy that grows with NETA's increasing website advertising and provides analytics to advertisers. The final website is a sophisticated WordPress website yet simple enough for their staff to upload new articles and make edits to the site safely.




Web Design


Hosting & Maintenance


Graphic Design & Print


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