Case Study

Seamless Gutter Guy

Project Overview
The CEO of Seamless Gutter Guy approached Distillery Creative after seeing one of our websites online. He loved what he saw and asked if we could help him come up with a name for his new company and develop a site that makes his startup look substantial. This is a request that is right in our wheelhouse.
  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Logo Design & Development
  3. Custom Branding Package
  4. Custom Website Design and Development
  5. Website Hosting & Maintenance
The Solution

We began our process by developing a strong marketing strategy for the start-up. We looked at key phrases that were popular in search engines and discovered seamless gutters was a highly searched keyphrase. Additionally, we found that a domain just became available that had high domain authority, so we jumped on it and named the company "Seamless Gutter Guy."

Now that we had a company name, and a fun one at that, we decided to create a logo of a muscled man carrying seamless gutters within a retro badge, reflecting back to the logos of the Works Progress Administration in the U.S. We then used copper coloring because the company features copper seamless gutters and developed a color palette around that copper.

For a gutter company, the website stands out as exceptional. It features beautiful homes with copper gutters and acts as an educational piece that salesmen can use in describing their services and their product types when on a sales call.




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