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Why Your Slow Website is Killing Your Business

Is your website slow? Have you ever seen the notification shown above pop up on your browser? Or have you ever clicked off a page because you couldn’t be bothered to wait for a website to load? Don’t know if your website loads slowly or not? Try this free website speed test, it will let you know how quickly your website loads:

Why is it important to have a fast website? We should hope the answer is obvious, but in case it’s not….

We live in a now world, where consumers (we included) want instant gratification. We want results, options, and answers now. Science is showing that people’s attention spans are growing shorter and shorter. Time magazine even says so.

I can testify to this fact; because, in the span of writing this article, my apple watch buzzed 3 times (I looked at it). I got 4 text messages asking me to make or send something to a client “real quick.” I got 2 Facebook notifications and 10 Instagram likes on a photo. I haven’t even checked to see how many emails I’ve received. Everything is vying for your attention and your audience’s attention.

If your website is slow, your bounce rate is going to skyrocket. What is bounce rate? If your website has built in analytics (like all of our websites do), then you can see how many people visit your homepage and immediate close the tab. If somebody lands on your website and doesn’t click or go to another page, they are automatically counted as a bounced guest. They left your website without spending any time on it or engaging with any of your content.

In fact you have probably done this yourself. You’ve probably visited a website that just wasn’t loading quickly enough, and you left or went back to Google without ever thinking of that website again.

You don’t want your website to be slow because it increases bounce rate and ultimately turns away potential customers, costing you money that you didn’t know you were losing. Test your website speed for free. Maybe it’s time to check your website and speed things up. Your website should never cause you to lose customers. We can help you fix that.