why your business needs social media

Will Social Media Help My Business?

In Marketing, Social Media by Esther Anderson

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Well hopefully you’re already on social media for your business. Hopefully you’ve already got a social media strategy laid out; hopefully you have a social calendar, a plan for each day of the week; and hopefully you are tracking your results, conversions, and followers.

But let’s be real, that sounds like a full time job, and you don’t have time for that. And to be honest you might not think it is worth it because you’re not seeing the value even after weeks of posting. It is a full time job. But in the same way that you might have hired an office manager, or hired a staff member for marketing, you should hire a social media expert full time.

Economic upheaval over the past decade has left customers craving brand and company trust. Consumers and clients not only have to like your product, they want to trust the source of the product or service. Business has become personal, and the best way to get personal with your customers is to engage with them on social media, sharing your successes and even minor set backs. Your business has got to be authentic, real, honest, and customer oriented to be successful.

But I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here. Just read this article from Forbes about the necessity of social media for your business. I’ll bullet their main points, but you should read the reasoning and the depth in the full article.

“1. Communication is Immediate

2. You Give People a More Personal Brand Experience

3. The Conversation is Transparent

4. You’re Encouraging More Brand Mentions

5. Follow-up Is Easy

6. Social Users Are More Likely to Talk About Their Experience

7. You Eliminate the Funnel [of feeling like an isolated customer who must contact customer support or send an email].”

The funny thing about social media is that there is instant gratification when you get a “like” on a post. But when it comes to using social media for business, it is anything but instant gratification in terms of profit.

Social media is a long-term investment that can take months or even years before you see ROI. But the trick is that customers who follow your company on social media are more likely to be a fiercely loyal customer who will return for you business over and over. Why? Because they will see your content over and over on their various social feeds, they will follow the growth and story of your company, and if they like you they will chose to follow you if you keep your business narrative engaging.

So, when should you start social media for your business? Ideally, five years ago. But, if you haven’t already, DO IT NOW! Or at least claim your @businessname if its not already taken! Brand your social pages and get to work investing in quality content for your customers!