Case Study

Dr. Axline


Medical care

Dr. Axline is a physician and OB/GYN in Flower Mound, Texas. He reached out to us from a referral from the owner of the BEST OF DENTON COUNTY.

Dr. Axline commissioned Distillery Creative to put Dr. Axline MD on the map for his OB/GYN services, his in-office aesthetics, and his BHRT services for both men and women. Distillery Creative rebranded the practice, developed a custom website, and collateral materials.  We continue to service them with their ongoing inbound marketing, which has included Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, and blog-post marketing. After two years of our services, Dr. Axline is number one on search engines for BHRT and OB-GYN services in Flower Mound, and he receives 49% of Google search engine results in Flower Mound.

Cohesive Color Palette

Creative Solutions

We wanted to reflect the treatment and atmosphere that Dr. Axline and his caring staff give patients. Walking into their facility makes you feel like you're walking into a spa, they attend to your every need with a smile. It's that same, peaceful, warm calming atmosphere that we wanted to bring to their website. From making sure all the images were in the same color palette, to making custom graphics this website is one of a kind and truly reflects the ethos of their medical facility. 

Sample of a flier we did for Dr. Axline
Mobile Optomized Website for Dr. Axline
The mobile view of Dr. Axline's website. Axline