Web Design

3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Website Refresh

Do you need a website refresh? When was the last time you looked at your business website? I mean really looked. If you’re like most executives, you are too busy running your business, and your website is fine…or so you believe.

But is it? With the increasing growth of the web, more people are finding out about you via the web, and it is increasingly important for you to have a strong web presence that reflects your firm’s current capabilities.

The web today is not at all what it was even two years ago. Your business website, which was amazing five years ago is not competitive today, nor is it using the new tools available in today’s web environment.

Consider three important questions regarding your business website:

Website Refresh Self-Audit Question #1:  Does your website accurately reflect your business and brand?

We talked about personal branding last month. What about your website brand?

When a person lands on the homepage of your website, do they get a good sense of who you are, what you do, and why you are valuable? Think of your website as a physical store or an office space. While we may spend much time on the look of our office or retail space, we need to spend equal, or maybe even more, time on keeping our web space current.

Assess your website. This is difficult, but imagine that you are a customer, coming to your website for the first time. Do you clearly understand what the site is selling? Is it easy to navigate or to find things on the site? Are the pictures and copy current? Does it capture your attention? Does it send a positive message to your target audience? If, after studying your site, you decide that you don’t like the way it looks, chances are neither do your customers.

Website Refresh Self-Audit Question #2: Is your site Mobile-Friendly?

Smartphones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access. According to several Internet research firms, data indicates that 2014 is the year when mobile users will surpass desktop users. Your customers will increasingly reach your website via their mobile devices, and your website needs to be mobile responsive.

What do I mean by mobile responsive? It is a website that is specifically designed for being viewed in a smaller format, such as a phone or tablet. It is not a smaller version of a website, but it is a site that a viewer can see right away on the phone. They don’t have to enlarge certain parts of the site to be able to read it.

According to Google, not having a mobile responsive website actually hurts your search engine optimization. Fewer of your customers are able to find you when they search for you.

Website Refresh Self-Audit Question #3:  Does your website effectively integrate your social media efforts?

The web is an exciting, dynamic media, and one of the major changes on the web has been the rise of social media. Is your site connected to your social media efforts? Can visitors interact with your Facebook and Twitter pages? Can they find feeds? Your latest blog posts? Is your site self updating – reflecting your latest content? Customers expect more from business websites today. They expect engagement. They expect interactivity.

That’s the face of a modern business website. Your website is a critical investment. Creating a website that provides your customer a positive user experience and delivers higher sales is a great return on investment.