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7 Reasons Why A WordPress Website is Best

In our opinion at Distillery Creative, WordPress is the best invention since sliced bread. Had to say that! Seriously, when we began developing websites in 2013 we built on various platforms, but now every website we build is a custom, highly functioning WordPress website. And, here’s why…

#1 Best CMS in the world.

So first of all. What’s a CMS, anyway? CMS stands for a content management system, and it is a software that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content. WordPress is a Content Management System, that allows you to easily create, edit and publish your content on the web. Our clients like it because once we design and build their site, they can go in with little training and make edits without knowing any coding language.

Well, a CMS is a content management system, and WordPress accounts for 59% of all CMS websites on the world wide web. That means that over a quarter of all the websites on the planet are built in WordPress! Pretty amazing stats, and WordPress’ advantage is growing every year. The pie chart below shows how dominant WordPress is compared to other content management systems. The bar chart below compares the top fastest-growing content management systems in the past 40 days, as of this publishing (November 11, 2017). WordPress leads the world in the number of websites on the world wide web.

wordpress website

wordpress website

Stats, courtesy of  W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains.

#2. Great for Search Engine Optimization

Google loves content, and a WordPress website makes it easy to deliver on content. When WordPress launched on May 27, 2003, it was created as a platform for bloggers, journalists, and content marketers. While many hold this against “this little CMS that could,” it’s actually one of the main reasons why WordPress has grown into the most widely used CMS on the web. Take it from Seth Godin who says, “Content Marketing is the only Marketing left.”  

At Distillery Creative, we know that once we develop a WordPress website for our clients, it will rise organically to the first page of search engine results because of the way we write the content and use keywords to help Google place our clients higher in search engine results.

#3. Cost-effective for our clients

We can create a totally custom website with all of the bells and whistles for much less than a completely coded-from-scratch website. WordPress is highly customizable with APIs. We can now create almost anything our clients request, from online classes and e-commerce sites to member logins. If you can dream it, we can build it cost-effectively with the help of plugins on the market. No longer do we need to design and develop functions for a website. Now we can find applications on the market and code them to be compatible with the design and function of our websites that we build. This is a huge savings for our customers.

#4. Highly customizable

Back to point #3 above, WordPress is designed to accept APIs which allows for unlimited customization and flexibility. Our team at Distillery Creative has experience extending the flexible WordPress framework to create websites with more options that meet the demands of users today.

#5. Develop time is quick

Often when a customer comes to us, they want their business up on the web, yesterday. Right? We understand the importance of launching a business quickly on the web. Every day the business is not up on the web is a day lost in capturing business. With WordPress website, we can design and develop a complete website within two–six weeks depending on the complexity. And, we can create our Packaged Websites within a couple of days. This is a huge value to our clients because it allows them to get their business up quickly on the web and begin making money.

#6. Rich blog capability

And why do you care? Because blogs bring more customers to your site. Look at you, you are reading our blog right now. Adding a blog post optimized with keywords to your website allows you to increase your website pages, which will attract more customers. That is like a fisherman who casts out more fishing lines in the water to catch more fish. Read our fascinating blog that reveals the statistics about companies that double their business by posting blogs on their website.

#7. Easy for our customers to maintain

We develop our websites so that our clients can easily manage their content, and WordPress is the perfect platform for such easy content management. In order to maintain high search engine results, our customers need to constantly update their websites with new content such as blogs. Google and other search engines are daily looking for fresh sites to serve up to their users. With the competition for placement on the first page of search engine results, companies must maintain their website content to capture potential customers googling for their services online.

A WordPress website is a great tool to grow your online presence and your business.  Contact us today for a free consultation.