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Best Graphic Design 2017

Year in Design

As a Design and Marketing group we had an exciting and productive year in 2017. We loved getting a chance to work on some great projects that we are excited to call our Best Graphic Design of 2017! We really enjoyed working with our amazing group of clients, and truly feel blessed looking back on the growth we have had in our relationships new and old.

With that being said, lets take a look at what we consider our Best Graphic Design 2017. These are the projects that uniquely changed their companies for the better. Increased site traffic, revenue, leads for new contracts, customer base growth… These are the ways that design impact can be measured, and our numbers looked great last year!

Best Logo Design 2017

Sometimes it’s not about coming up with something completely new, but rather taking the old and bringing it up to speed. Many of our clients come to us with logos that haven’t aged very gracefully. The trouble is creating something that current customers will recognize and trust, but will also resonate with new customer groups. These logo redesigns can be especially challenging for the designer, but the end result is always a beautiful blend of classic and timeless. Lets take a look at two of our Best Graphic Design 2017 logo transformations that we created.

Olympic Internal Medicine

Olympic Internal Medicine came to us with a dated logo and a thriving practice that didn’t seem to match up. They wanted to remain a symbol of patient care and trust, but also grow and reflect that their office is keeping up with changes in technology. Our designers wanted to focus their logo into something that conveyed their complete circle of care. This was the final design transformation:

Williams & Kunkel

Next up are our wonderful friends over at Williams & Kunkel. This company was growing and expanding with a younger demographic. They were moving in a new direction, and their branding needed to reflect that. They are experts in their field, one that makes us regular folks think of messy tax season, complicated forms, and the ins and outs of business licensing and start ups. Our designers wanted to give them something clean and simple. A logo that reflects how they take care of the messy paperwork life creates and makes it easier for their customers. This was the final transformation:

Best Web Design 2017

Our Best Graphic Design 2017 web projects have two things in common. They are all:

  • Responsive – Meaning not only do they look great on any device, they also work on every device. No menu glitches, weird scrolling problems, or sizing issues.
  • Unique – Standing out from the crowd wasn’t just a design goal for smart companies in 2017, but a business decision and lasting priority. From design to content to product, these websites focus on whats important.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – WTF Icehouse

When it comes to our favorite New Web Design of 2017, the sleek and sexy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Icehouse website immediately comes to mind. This concept is a slick new bar opening in downtown Austin, TX, this spring. Its made for patrons who are slightly mischievous, not to mention filled with a taste for adventure and high end cocktails! We stayed true to their lush low-key atmosphere. Utilizing refined natural textures and thin gold lined overlays, plus adding smooth parallax scrolling and website effects that look beautiful on every device.

Olympic Internal Medicine

This is for sure our favorite web redesign project of 2017, Olympic Internal Medicine’s website! Based out of beautiful Washington state, their practice is in the heart of a young, active, outdoor-loving community. Our market research showed their potential patients were looking for an online presence to reflect that. Our design team pulled influences from local landscapes and community ideals to create a beautiful and responsive web design that truly shows OIM’s personality and commitment to complete patient care.

Best Print Design 2017

Finally we come to Print! We hold a special place in our hearts for print projects here at Distillery Creative. It helps that our president Suzanne Reid has years of experience in the print design world. Her attention to detail and vast knowledge of print work transformed our Best Graphic Design 2017 print projects into the cohesive collections you will see below.

Sales Presentation Folder – Sage General Contractor

We loved creating all the pieces that make up this larger project for Sage General Contractor. It’s a sales folder that contains all the things their representatives need when meeting with customers, from sales inserts to carbonless duplicate work order agreements. It was fun to create so many different types of print projects in one job, and maintain a brand style and message.

Personal and Business Banking Brochures – Point Bank

We do quite a number of print projects for Point Bank, but these brochures were some of our favorite from 2017. As a community bank, Point Bank loves to focus on helping families and business of every background grow and prosper. Our design team wanted to give them a final product that communicates Point Bank’s family values, while also reflecting their diverse set of personal and business banking capabilities. With a focus on clean lines, carefully selected photos and strategically placed content, we think our team really delivered!

We really did have a wonderful time working with all our clients last year, and would like to thank all of them for commissioning some great projects. Thank you for looking back at our Best Design 2017, and here’s to more beautiful projects and creative solutions in 2018!