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Business Email Domain – Why Using Your Own is the Best Option

Is Your Email Domain Address Really Working for You?

Email domain addresses are a very important part of maintaining your online presence as a business, and sometimes the options available can be confusing. Forwarding to multiple accounts, remembering different passwords, and changing email names might seem like a hassle, but in reality just a few simple changes can make sure you are putting your best foot forward when communicating with your customer base online.

Don’t Play the Email Domain Name Game

First things first, if you have a website and own a domain name, than your business needs to be using that domain name as an email address. Don’t think it’s worth the hassle? Here are a few reasons that might help change your mind.

Professional Credibility in 2018

We want to say this will make your business come across as more professional, but in reality, if you aren’t already using a custom domain for your email address than you are probably one step behind the average neighborhood lifestyle blogger. In today’s world, Google makes it very easy for a small business to purchase a domain name and create a GSuite (a gmail account using the domain as the email address). Purchasing a GSuite gives you credibility and communicates a level of professionalism that your customers are looking for when deciding whom to trust with their business. Additionally, a paid GSuite email account offers you more options to protect your emails from going to the recipient’s spam folder.  This is essential email marketing campaigns–you don’t want your beautiful email campaign to be blocked or marked as spam.

Branding and Recognition

The plus side to having your own personal email domain? Your business’s name is on it! This is the easiest way to promote your company and make sure clients repeatedly see your name in every email. More trust in the brand is created when it is easy for customers to recognize your name and logo. Seeing your domain name after the @ sign is something that customers expect from an established brand. Seeing your website’s domain in the address keeps your business in the forefront of your customer’s mind. It’s harder to remember to your website later if your email ends in gmail.com or yahoo.com.

The Take Away

Look for every opportunity to promote your brand. Using your custom email domain to communicate is a fantastic way to leverage your brand and website to the fullest! Need help with email marketing? Distillery Creative can help you reach your target audience and get that email list growing. Contact us here for a free consultation!