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Creative Graphic Design Trends We Love in 2018

Working with yearly creative graphic design trends is inspiring! Seeing a new method or style of creating is always great for design innovation, but sometimes being too trendy can take away from the message your project needs to send. With that being said, here are some of the design trends of 2018 that are worth the hype, and stand to have long lasting effects on graphic design. These exciting design trends are truly reflecting the new changes in technology and consumer behavior in 2018.

Mobile Prioritization:

In 2018 most of the world is now accessing the internet through mobile devices, and the way google operates is changing to reflect that. Mobile-first indexing by google means that websites with no mobile version will potentially rank lower in search results than competitors with a mobile version. This transition to mobile-first indexing has been in the works since mid 2017, with Google estimating the start date to be sometime this year… So now is really not the time to put off that website update! If you aren’t sure what steps to take to make sure your website is ready for this change, check out our previous post with more detail.

AR (Augmented Reality):

Between facebook AR studio, snapchat and the new Iphone emojis, Augmented Reality has grown far past a trend to really become the new normal. Being able to interact with a design is exciting, and the rapid growth of AR is taking the design community by storm. The AR connection between design and technology really allows creative graphic design to change how people look at the world, and this is only the beginning. This project by DIA really shows how augmented reality can become a party of daily life.


Responsive Logos:

The idea of having a logo that changes may shock some old-school designers, but in the age of mobile web design, this is our future. Responsive logos are designs that scale from full size to  favicon (with a few sizes inbetween) depending on the screen. This creative graphic design solution may soon become a standard for designing logos, especially in the age of responsive web design. Check out this project showing how dynamic web design can be with responsive logos.

Bold Typography and Color:

As web fonts continue to expand and become easier to use across all platforms, we are loving the return of the serif! With more brands living their entire lives online, it is nice to see some of the creative graphic design print trends carry over ionline. Artistic typefaces with modern layouts and bold color are taking over, and we are on board.

creative graphic design bold type

But why stop at one bold color when you can have so many more? These bright contrasting duotones and gradients are finding their way into more and more projects in 2018.

Custom Illustration & Photography:

Many designers are over the troubles of stock photography and have moved on to creating original graphics or budgeting for authentic professional photos instead. Custom artwork and illustrations can give so much personality to a brand, and in 2018 there are no limits, the more creative graphic design the better!

It’s has already been a good year for creative graphic design, but with new technology and ways to create –  it can only get better. What is your favorite creative graphic design trend of 2018?