How Blogging Helps Your Business

Blogging Helps Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve been keeping up with our series on blogging, you already know that blogging helps boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It does this in a couple ways. The first way is that each time you post new content search engines like Google or Bing have to recrawl your website to make sure that it is serving searchers the most relevant information. Search engines always want to push the most relevant content to their users so if you are always updating and posting new things your website is more likely to be pushed to people who are searching. The second way it boosts SEO is when someone searches something and that keyword shows up in one of your blog posts they are more likely to click and learn more.

Strengthens Customer Relations

Blogging is a great way to build and strengthen customer relations. Blogging helps to educate clients or potential clients about your products is a great way to build rapport. Clients may have questions about the services you provide and a blog is a great way to explain some of the common questions clients have. It’s also an opportunity to highlight and show off your unique offerings and can help differentiate you from your competition.

Creates Sharing Opportunities

If you write your blog posts with high quality valuable information people are more likely to share it with their friends or followers. If you’re adding value, answering questions, or contributing to your industry people are more likely to share it. When people share your blog posts it reaches whole new audiences of people that would have otherwise never come in contact with you or your business. Creating shareable content will get your business in front of the eyes of so many more people.

Establishes Yourself as an Industry Leader

Perhaps you want to build credibility in your field. If your interests lie in more than simply reaching customers and you’re interested in industry recognition, then you can blog stories focused on others in your industry. When writing articles that will help others in your same line of work you get established as an authority figure. This can open the door for speaking opportunities or consultancy jobs.


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