Logos Denton ~ Design and Brand Consistency

Logos Denton, TX. Designing a logo today requires more skill than selecting pretty fonts and colors. Today your logo needs to compete with many others shouting for attention on the street and on social media. For a logo and brand to be well-represented on every channel–Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest–its message must be clearly and consistently communicated. Here at Distillery Creative, we follow several steps to effectively create the best logos for our customers. Here are some of our tips and solutions for logo design 2018

Logos Denton: Take time to evaluate your logo.

Logos Denton, Distillery CreativeThe first step toward a strong logo design solution is to evaluate your brand objectively. What first impression does your logo make? Does it stand out as unique? Is there any “aw” factor?Does it make sense? Does it make someone want to know more about the company? Take the time to really look at your logo and brand, and be honest! Below are questions our design team asks when we begin the logo design process:

  • Does this clearly communicate what the business does?
  • Does it have a sense of professionalism?
  • Is this the face of a brand I would trust?
  • Is this relevant to the target audience?
  • What message does this brand communicate?

After evaluating your logo and other logos, you might be ready to rebrand or update your logo? At Distillery Creative we partner with our clients to help them analyze their logo against their marketing objectives. Almost like a business coach, we take our customers through the questions, we summarize the marketing objectives, and we design to attract the target audiences. Below are some of our favorite logos that we have designed in the past few months.

Develop a style guide to create logo and brand consistency.

logos denton, Williams & Kunkel CPAs, Logo Design | Distillery CreativeWe’ve talked about brand consistency on social media before, but have you considered applying those same style guides to all your web and print communications? More than a logo, a “brand” is the image or thought that your prospect thinks of when he or she considers your company. Do they see your logo, or your ads? A cohesive brand identity creates a sense of consistency that a customer recognizes and trusts, whether they are looking at your business card or Instagram account.  At every point of engagement, you want to make sure that people recognize your brand as consistent and trustworthy.

Some ideas to help define your brand’s style:

  • Choose a typeface that goes well with your logo and use it consistently.
  • Pick two to three filter styles for Facebook and Instagram photos and stick with them!
  • Use a consistent layout or design for different post types.
  • Create a corporate logo color palette.

Healthy doses of inspiration will definitely help to make branding guideline decisions. Take the time to go through Pinterest to get ideas of what to include, as well as how in depth you would like your guidelines to be. We also recommend looking up some of your favorite companies branding guides, like Google’s Visual Assets Guidelines.

The Distillery Creative Logo Design Process:

  1. We design a logo according to clear marketing objectives.
  2. We research your target audience and what they expect to see.
  3. We communicate that logo consistently on all Print and Web platforms.

logos Denton, BRNB ConstructionWe help our clients to develop goals and a position statement that they want their brand to accomplish. Together we complete a marketing and design survey. This helps us decide what elements will communicate company ideals clearly and resonate with our client’s target audience. The survey might seem like just some simple questions, but you would be surprised how much it can help focus your marketing strategy, and most of all connect with potential customers!

We like to create style guides or branding books for every logo we do, which can include: hand-picked fonts, guides for layouts (web and print), business letterheads, custom color palettes, and of course primary and secondary logo designs.

Schedule a free consultation to see how Distillery Creative can help you evaluate your brand’s effectiveness and develop a successful brand.