Graphic Design

Introducing New Talent to Distillery Creative

We are delighted to welcome new talent to Distillery Creative: Christine Olmstead (top) joined the team in July, 2015, as a graphic designer and Betsy Teubl (lower) in September, 2015, as a project manager. This week, we are taking the opportunity to introduce them, their work, and their contribution to Distillery Creative.

new talent Christine OlmsteadWith a BA in Journalism from Patrick Henry College in Virginia, Christine is both a professional graphic artist and graphic designer. She creates huge mixed media artwork for clients all over the country. See her graphic art on her website. At Distillery Creative, Christine uses her design talent to create trendy logos and fashionable websites. She also manages our social media.

new talent Betsy TeublBetsy Teubl is also a graduate of journalism from Patrick Henry College. Before working for Distillery, Betsy traveled the country working for Teen Pact, managing events and students around the country. She brings her management skills to our firm, helping us coordinate our projects and deliver excellent work on time. She uses her skills to organize the site maps for our websites and to write blog posts for our clients.  Betsy is excited to be a part of growing Distillery Creative in both the Dallas and Washington, DC areas.

The expertise these women bring to our firm makes us enthusiastic about the future of Distillery Creative! Join us in celebrating this fresh talent to our growing design firm.