overcoming covid-19


Overcoming COVID-19 Together

I hope you and your family are well and safe. The last few weeks have been a shock to all of us as we watch events unfold.

My purpose in writing this to you is to reassure you that during this crisis, we take our responsibility seriously to keep your online business running smoothly. Nothing has changed in terms of our commitment and ability to respond to your immediate needs.

Overcoming Covid-19 is a Team Effort

Distillery Creative is a completely cloud-based company, where all of our employees work from the safety of their homes. What this means for you is that we are here for you as before, maintaining our same level of services. Your website is still being monitored 24/7, and our security measures and maintenance remains the same. Some of our print work is taking a bit longer as our partners have had to shut down some of their operations, and UPS and FedEx deliveries are delayed, as you well know.

As many of you shift to more remote work, our SaaS products can play an integral role in connecting you with your customers, partners, patients, and communities. In this fast-moving public health crisis, many of our medical clients are asking us to create telemedicine pages to begin treating their patients virtually. Some clients are asking us to develop online stores on their websites where they can sell video classes of their services. During this time of crisis, we invite you to consider ways you can reach out to your customers and continue to support them with new online services.

At Distillery Creative, we believe it’s critical to act on the feedback from individuals who drive your business, and we value the opportunity to partner with you to develop products that will not only allow you to survive but actually become new profit centers for your business.

These are challenging and uncertain times, but we are confident that, together, we will get through this and grow better businesses. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Take care,

Suzanne Reid
& the DC team

Do you have a product that you can no longer sell in person? Let’s talk. Call me directly at (208) 659-8408. Or, contact us on our website. We have so many options that we can quickly add to your website such as online stores, webinars, online clinics. We believe this worldwide pandemic has changed forever how businesses will need to conduct business in the future. We are here to help you prepare for this new way of doing business.