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Target Audience Focused Web Design

Why Your Brand Needs Target Audience Focused Web Design

The fact is, in 2022, if your web designer doesn’t have marketing experience, your website is mostly a wasted opportunity. At Distillery Creative we treat every website as a way to connect with a client’s target audience, down to every painstaking detail during the many stages of web development – these include content creation, on-page SEO,  UX design and development.

Having a modern flashy website is all well and good, but are your users getting the information they really need in order to buy your products or services? Our focus is to communicate the brand message to your target audience with engaging content, and a design that leads them through the website to the information they need. After the development of the content and on-page SEO, we begin the design phase. Choice of type, color scheme, layout and every hand selected image are all carefully chosen to craft the perfect user experience for your target audience.

Distillery Creative coordinates your brand’s message with the target audience marketing objectives, creating a website that welcomes returning consumers and invites prospective ones. All while maintaining your unique brand identity! Here are some recent web design projects that our team has been working on, with brand identities we love! These websites were all customized for their specific target audiences, from start to finish.


Target Audience Based Web Design - Distillery Creative

Our design team loved having a chance to create a beautiful website for the professionals at Seamless Gutter Guy in Lewisville, TX. The challenge with this client was focusing their brand and image for a specific market, and then creating a website around that message.

Target Audience Based Web Design - SGG

They really wanted a beautiful website to show off their work and highlight how seamless gutter design can elevate any home. Our team carefully selected images and focused web content to reflect their brand message, and lead customers through their site. The focus from start to finish is on creating a user experience that converts potential customers to actual customers.


Target Audience Based Web Design - Trusted ER

Most medical websites push a generic message along the lines of  “We have the best skills and resources to treat your medical needs.” Trusted ER sets themselves above their competition by providing conceirge level medical care in a high-end modern medical facility. Their logo and previous website conveyed professionalism, but in a general sense. No specific message, no particular audience. Our design team helped to focus their message and convey their dedication to top-notch medical care in the highest quality setting they can provide.

Target Audience Based Web Design - Best Medical Design

From copy-editing to icon design, every element was adjusted and cross-examined to make sure it was conveying the brand in the best way. The end result is a polished design that directly reflects the Trusted ER brand.


Target Audience Based Web Design - Rick Adler

Each client and their respective brands have unique messages and personalities, especially when it comes to personal brands. One thing that caught our attention with executive life coach, Rick Adler, was that he didn’t seem to fit the mold of a traditional professional life coach, and he needed a brand and website to reflect that. As an avid outdoorsman, Rick often uses nature and wildlife in his teaching methods and analogies. The challenge with this website design came in two parts. The first was to create a way to show and explain a set of services that are largely abstract. The second was to use natural elements to convey his brand message in a way that would still resonate with a corporate audience.

Target Audience Based Web Design - Rick Adler Life Coach

Focusing on his tranquil personality and love of nature, our design team created a beautiful website that shows how his services can change your life for the better. Our design team loved choosing the beautiful landscape photography and calming deep blue tones of this web design project.

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Our diverse team of designers and developers not only love creating beautiful work for our clients, but also creating lasting partnerships. We want your project to be successful and give the best impression of your business possible! We are thankful to have worked with so many wonderful clients making friendships and great designs together. Call us now to schedule your free consultation and see how we can help create the website of your dreams!