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When Should I Rebrand?

Maybe you’ve been in business for quite a few years and have a comfortable business base. Is it the right time to ask “When should I rebrand my logo and website?” In fact, should you update it at all? Don’t know the answers to these questions? Here is a list of things to consider when contemplating if you and your company need a rebrand.

  1. Have you been in business more than 5 years with the same branding and website?

If you answered yes, then it is time to rebrand. It doesn’t need to be something completely different or crazy. It could be as simple as changing what was a gradient logo to a solid matte color.

What is even more essential is changing your website. Web design is changing every day, and if you haven’t updated your website in the last few years you are probably falling way behind and losing more business than you even realize. Big companies (think Coca-Cola or Nike) are constantly updating their websites, redesigning their website once a month, and updating their logo about once every 3-5 years. Your business is no different and should be updated to reach your ideal client at least every 5 years.

  1. You’re losing money.

If you haven’t rebranded or updated your website in the last 5 years, you are missing hundreds if not thousands of clients. If your website hasn’t been updated recently then it likely has no SEO (Search Engine Optimization), meaning that, when someone searches for your product or service on the web, you don’t even show up in Google’s search results. Because Google Search has replaced the Yellow Pages, if you don’t show up on the first page of results, you won’t get that customer looking for you on the web. This is costing you more money than you realize and could be the biggest reason your business is not growing.

  1. You look outdated and don’t even know it.When Should I Rebrand - best web design Denton TX Flower Mound Texas

Like fashion, branding and web design are rapidly changing industries. If you haven’t had your branding or website updated in the last 5 years, then you are automatically telling people that your company doesn’t keep up with the times. The best way to stay out of date and tell people your company is frumpy is by not updating your branding or web presence. It’s sort of like going out today in this get up from the early 2000s.

Thanks Brittany and Justin, we will never be the same. Bottom line: Don’t age yourself or your business by keeping your outdated branding.

  1. If you DIYed your logo or website.

If you DIYed your logo or website, it probably looks like it, unless you went to design school and have a degree in branding and web design; in which case, we applaud you. One of the worst things we hear as designers is that someone is tied to the branding that they created themselves in PowerPoint. Hint: PowerPoint is not a design program.

DIY is cheaper than professional branding, but it also looks cheap. Besides, if you’re not a graphic designer, that’s not your job. You should be focusing on your business and on what YOU do well. Let the professionals do the branding. We use the latest tools and stay up-to-date with market trends and industry faux pas. And we do it every single day. We should both do what we are good at.

When Should I Rebrand - best web design Denton TX Flower Mound Texas

  1. If your logo has a swoop, gradient, or lens flare.

Exhibit A is the holy trifecta of all things not to do in branding. Don’t do gradient colors. Don’t have a swoop for no reason. Don’t add a lens flare, because it’s not cool. At Distillery Creative, our goal is to distill your brand down to your company’s core message. A swoop, a gradient, a lens flare, tell us nothing about your company: they’re distracting, out of date, and have no meaning in representing what your company really does.

  1. If you are not getting your ideal clients.

If you keep getting the wrong people wanting to buy your product or service, then your brand and website are probably attracting that kind of person. You may not be serving the kinds of clients you want because your brand is outdated and hasn’t been thought through. What does your client want to see in your branding and web presence? Branding starts with the client in mind first. You could be attracting the wrong kind of people if you have the wrong branding.

If you thought, “yes, that describes my company,” to any of these points, then it is time for a rebrand. We are happy to do a free appraisal of your brand and web design and put together a customized package to update your brand and web presence. We want your branding and your website to be making you money and make your company more successful. You can do it; we can give you the look and the tools to get there. Contact us to get started!