Why Blog? Three Reasons All Businesses Should Blog

Why Blog?

One of the first discussions we have with our customers when discussing redesigning their website is, “Why blog?” While many say they don’t have time for such an activity. We say, “You don’t not have time for this!” Two negatives in a sentence mean you better do it. Here’s why: Blogging brings new customers to your website. It brings you leads, and it establishes your business as an authority in your industry.

Blogging Brings New Customers to your website

Think about the size of your website. If you have a six-to-10-page website with pages properly set up with key words, you have six to 10 opportunities to be found from an organic search of keywords. What if you wrote a blog post every week? By the end of the first year, you would now have close to 62  opportunities for customers to find you.

Every time you write a blog post and post it in WordPress, it becomes an indexed page. Each new optimized post becomes one more opportunity for your business to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website through an organic search.

Blogging Brings you Leads

Studies show that the more pages a website has that are indexed by Google the more leads that business will receive. In this interesting article from Hubspot, the author says, “Increasing Google Indexed Pages by 50-100 Causes Double-Digit Lead Growth.” I have attached a graph from the article which shows this data. The crucial element is placing the right key words throughout your article so that Google and other search engines know what each page of your web site is about, and what keyword, for which they need to rank your web page.


Blogging Establishes Authority

Forbes tells us that blogging is a wonderful way to connect with your audience, increase traffic to your website, and establish yourself as an expert in your subject matter.

I can think of a couple of our clients that hired us at Distillery Creative because they loved a blog post. What better way to connect with a potential customer than to write about something they are struggling with, communicate a solution and show them that you understand their problem. It’s a great way to reach out to like-minded individuals and potential clients about topics, in which they are interested. Additionally, blog posting qualifies a potential client; if they reach out to you after reading your blog post, they are more likely to understand your approach and are aligned with you in solving their problem.

Blogging is Not for the Meek or Timid

I say this tongue-in-cheek. Blogging does take time and may require bringing out the Thesaurus at times, or, my favorite Strunk’s, Elements of Style, but there is no substitute for blogging. We at Distillery Creative help many of our clients at all different levels. Some we help develop topic ideas and offer editing and posting. Others, we do it all. We research their business, make a list of blog topics, write, edit and fill with key words for SEO value. We post their blogs and images on a monthly basis. For help or questions about blogging, contact us.

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