Choosing Blog Topics

How do I choose blog topics to write about?

Congratulations! You’ve started a blog. Hopefully you were inspired to jump on the horse after reading our last blog post here. Whatever the case, we are glad you are here. Now that you’ve started your blog here are some helpful tips on how to pick blog topics to write about and keep your content interesting and specific to your industry.

Write What You Know

You own your own business write about it. Stick to topics in your lane and establish credibility in your field. Start by explaining your services. Because we all work in our own fields if can be easy to get lost in our own industries and think outsiders know what you do. That’s not the case. Approach every blog with the assumption that the reader has no idea what you do. Choosing topics in your field will establish your credibility and boost your SEO.

Outsource Blog Ideas

Not sure what topics are interesting. Ask your customers. Reach out to some of your best clients and ask the following questions:

  • “What is one thing about my work you didn’t know before you hired me?”
  • “Did you learn anything about my industry after working with me?”
  • “What are some things you liked about my work?”
  • “Did anything surprise you about my work?”

You can also source blog ideas from your employees. Get your employees to explain the following topics:

  • “Explain what your job is”
  • “What have you learned since working at my company?”
  • “What is one thing you wish our customers knew?”
  • “How is what we do different than our competitors?”
Explain Your Process

Depending on your industry clients might try and talk down your pricing, a blog is a great way to explain to your clients why you are worth the money. Explain your process, the materials and attention to detail that you provide that makes you superior to your competition. A blog is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Explain the things that you do in detail that make your business superior.

What Have You Learned

You’ve been in your business for a while, what things have you learned? Share your expertise. Showing how you’ve improved and made progress is key to showing your potential clients that you’re an innovator in your industry. By sharing what you’ve learned you showing other that you are always producing the best work. What things have changed in your industry that were different when you started? Those are wonderful things to share that can help refresh sometimes outdated or preconceived notions about your industry.