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Target Audience Focused Web Design

Why Your Brand Needs Target Audience Focused Web Design The fact is in 2018 if your web designer doesn’t have marketing experience, your website is a mostly-wasted opportunity. At Distillery Creative we treat every website as a way to connect with a client’s target audience, down to every painstaking detail. Choice of type, color [...]

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8 Tips for Creating the Best Domain Names For Your Website

When it comes to choosing the best domain names for your website there is a lot to consider!   As your identity on the web, a domain name should be easy to find and remember, plus fit in with your business and branding. Before you jump in and start purchasing, read through these eight [...]

7 Reasons to Develop a WordPress Website

In our opinion at Distillery Creative, WordPress is the best invention since sliced bread. Had to say that! Seriously, when we began developing websites in 2013 we built on various platforms, but now every website we build is a custom, highly functioning WordPress website. And, here's why...#1. WordPress is the #1 CMS in the world.So [...]

Web Hosting and Its Impact

When setting up your business website, web hosting is one of the most important considerations, determining the success of your website. The more obvious and common choices are at places like GoDaddy and BlueHost. Who hasn't seen their crazy commercials during Super Bowl?  But we would like to introduce you to the thought of choosing a [...]

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SEO-Friendly Writing

In our last post we talked about what you shouldn’t do to improve your ranking. So that leaves us with the question, what is the best way to get to the top of the results page?  The answer: develop helpful content through "SEO-friendly writing". Good content is helpful so that it will drive traffic to [...]

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4 SEO Techniques to Avoid

We concluded our last post by talking about the long-term investment mindset that SEO requires. It can take months of dedicated effort to see significant improvement in your ranking. So you may be tempted to think, “Is there any way to speed up the process?” Some SEO consultants offer guarantees like “I will make you [...]

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